Why AquaNaka?

Traditional cleaners are rife with chemicals and toxins. If you read the labels carefully, they will make warnings of the risks and they have many health warnings ‘keep our of reach of children and pets’, or ‘do not spray on skin or eyes’ and then medical instructions ‘do not induce vomiting call your health care practitioner or local poison control centre if ingested’ or ‘flush immediately with clean water’. 

Because of the popular cleaning products, common dust is becoming increasingly toxic.  And who play, crawl, walk, sleep and eat of on floors?  Our babies and our pets are touching all of these toxic chemicals and we know where there hands and paws are sure to go.  Chemical transfer.  By consequence our babies, our children, our pets are getting sick.  Who are we to blame? Ourselves.  

Clean with a Conscience

At AquaNaka we propose you ‘clean with a conscience’.  Be aware of the products you use to clean your house. 

Choose products that do a great job, that are extremely versatile, that are safe, that have no chemical and no fragrance, products that are environmentally conscious and environmentally beneficial, products that use perfectly sustainable practices.  Choose AquaNaka.          

Our Natural Ingredients

At AquaNaka we have invented a unique proprietary production process to extract natural calcium and minerals from an organic source in the Atlantic Ocean. 

We perfectly suspend these elements in solution in making a family of cleaners-polishers that are safe, effective, versatile and environmentally beneficial.  Unlike traditional cleaning products that combine a variety of ingredients such as chemicals, toxins, surfactants, phosphates, detergents, ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, fragrances and colorants we employ a process of cycling pure water through our proprietary system. 

Our products range in strength founded on the time we allow that pure water to circulate.

We take a byproduct from the robust fishing industry around Nova Scotia and subject it to a robust production process.  We then use that material.

We strive to make your world safer and our world better.

Less time cleaning

Traditional cleaners leave a residue behind, a footprint resembling the chemical and toxic nature of that cleaner.  When you use AquaNaka products you will clean up that nasty residue so your first cleaning will serve to clean that residue. 

By consequence you may have to clean a couple times to get rid of such sines and replace it with a microfilm of organic calcium that resists fingerprints, is anti static, that stays cleaner longer and with continued use, will actually be easier to clean the next time. 

More time enjoying the clean

That means a lot less time cleaning and a lot more time enjoying the clean doing all the things you like to do.  Bu consequence, you will use much less cleaning solution so AquaNaka products will last much longer than you expect. 

We see this as win-win-win.  Clean things, less time cleaning, better bang for your buck.   Its also win-win for AquaNaka. 

We have helped you and your family lead healthier lifestyles whilst eliminating the impact on the planet by using cleaning products that are are sustainable and environmentally beneficial.