Natural Organic & Stays Cleaner Longer

All cleaning products leave behind a residue after using, causing our household dust to be toxic

AquaNaka Cleaners remove this chemical residue

Our cleaners leave behind a microfilm of organic calcium

The organic calcium is clear and durable

Keeping your surfaces cleaner longer

  • Safe to use around children and pets.  Safe to use by children.

  • Uniquely hypoallergenic and safe for use by those who may experience environmental sensitivities or who may suffer from respiratory challenges

  • Many of our products are certified by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International as ‘safe to use of processing facilities’.

  • We have invented a methodology that combines Pure Water, Calcium and Minerals from the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Our cleaners are created through a process and not by mixing!

  • The calcium adheres to the surface to protect it from dirt and fingerprints 

  • A lot less time cleaning and more time enjoying the clean!

  • No chemicals

  • No fragnance

  • No surfactants

  • No ammonia

  • No phosphates

  • No detergents