• The best metal cleaner

    I use Chrome Care on my fridge at home - the best metal cleaner I've have seen so far!


  • Stays clean and nothing sticks

    Having just built a new home with an all-glass shower enclosure – keeping it sparkling was a challenge. AquaClean has fixed that; no more squeegees! It stays clean and nothing sticks to it. I also love using it on my windshield, inside and out; bugs don’t stick.


  • Works well on shop face shield

    I like the eyeglass cleaner (even though I no longer wear glasses) as it works well on my shop face shield. Susan uses the eyeglass cleaner on both her regular glasses and sunglasses.

    Gordon & Susan

  • My vision is clear

    I've been using AquaClean's eyeglass cleaner for a couple of weeks. No complaints here; my vision is clear and stays that way! It's comforting to know I haven't got abrasive chemicals near my eyes

    Owen P

  • Very impressed with its effectiveness

    My cleaning lady absolutely loves the cleaner you sent. She did every window in our house and didn’t use up the first bottle yet. She is very impressed with its effectiveness and the fact that it doesn’t stink like most cleaner do. I will definitely be reordering.

    Pat G

  • How clean it keeps my glasses

    For someone who relies on glasses to see having a natural product is so important; I don’t want chemicals close to my eyes. Plus, the most amazing part of the product is just how clean it keeps my glasses.