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Nothing Cleaner Devices

Nothing Cleaner Devices

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  • Natural Organic

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Safe for kids, pets

  • Recyclable

  • Made in Canada


Product Overview

Did you know that cellular phones and tablets are reported to be 100 times dirtier than public toilet seats? In a pandemic and post-pandemic world everyone should regularly clean our smart phones. Nothing Cleaner Devices was designed for all your devices from smart phones, to tablets, to TVS, to monitors of every description, to any electronic screen you may have….. and including white boards commonly found in offices and academic institutions.

Attention GAMERS of all levels. The difference between playing and winning is a clean screen. No scratches, No smudges, No streaks, No fingerprints, No dust, stays cleaner longer. Perfect viewing. Don’t forget to clean your Glasses and Goggles. Winners don’t compromise on quality. Nothing Cleaner Devices steps up with you. Game on!!


It took some 15 years to get our formula right, but we have cracked it! The ingredients used in our Nothing Cleaner Devices is derived from the ocean. They contain no chemicals, dyes or detergents. This makes them safe for everyone to use, anywhere. All our cleaners are derived from combining pure water, calcium and minerals from the Atlantic Ocean, the shores of Nova Scotia.

Shipping and Returns

We believe in our products and that you will be 100% satisfied. If however, you are not totally enchanted with using natural safe sustainable but efficient cleaning products, please let us know and we will refund you. No questions asked

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  • Find a clean dry microfiber cloth

  • Liberally spray directly on the screen of your powered-down device.

  • Use one side of your microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean the screen.

  • Turn the microfibre cloth over and use the dry clean side to polish your screen. On bigger jobs like large TVs, we recommend two cloths – one to clean, one to polish.

  • Enjoy sparkling clean screen that will resist fingerprints and stay cleaner longer.

  • For the ‘in-between-cleans’, try polishing with the clean dry microfiber cloth.

5 out of 5 stars

6 reviews

  • Very impressed with its effectiveness

    My cleaning lady absolutely loves the cleaner you sent. She did every window in our house and didn’t use up the first bottle yet. She is very impressed with its effectiveness and the fact that it doesn’t stink like most cleaner do. I will definitely be reordering.

    Pat G

  • Stays clean and nothing sticks

    Having just built a new home with an all-glass shower enclosure – keeping it sparkling was a challenge. AquaClean has fixed that; no more squeegees! It stays clean and nothing sticks to it. I also love using it on my windshield, inside and out; bugs don’t stick.


  • Works well on shop face shield

    I like the eyeglass cleaner (even though I no longer wear glasses) as it works well on my shop face shield. Susan uses the eyeglass cleaner on both her regular glasses and sunglasses.

    Gordon & Susan